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THP is committed to producing each collection in the most sustainable way possible. It begins with the designs we use, continues with the fabrics we select, all the way through to the suppliers we work with and the way we package.






At THP all our garments are made from sustainable fibres. While it is cheaper and easier to produce with regular cotton we don't want to contribute to the environmentally detrimental cotton supply chain.

We are focused on making timeless designs. We stick to designs that will look just as good today as it will a decade from now. We want our garments to be passed down from parent to child, they'll last that long. 


While many fabrics may look the same, they are produced in different ways and have significantly different impacts on the planet.

THP uses Hemp and Organic Cotton because they are both excellent performers as garments and are much better for the environment than more conventional natural fibres and synthetic fibres. 

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Picking a good supplier is like picking a good life partner. You want someone who shares your vision and goals as well as having similar ethics and morals. We wanted suppliers who share our view on hemp and sustainable fabrics and were willing to go the extra steps to make sure we got there in the right ways.

We are proud to say that we are have partnered up with some great manufacturing suppliers. We spent over a year testing different supplier partners before we found one that delivered the quality and professionalism that we were seeking.


Plastic, plastic, plastic. Everything seems to packaged in plastic these days. Luckily for the planet, your next THP purchase won't be. 

We use corn bags that compost in months not over 100 years like a plastic bag. 

Our THP boxes are all made from 35% grass and 65% waste paper. 

All of the extra goodies in your package are also made out of sustainable materials, like hemp paper and vegan-friendly stickers (mineral and vegetable glue).