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Benefits of Hemp Fabric

Hemp is a pretty remarkable plant. It is common folk to suggest that hemp has anywhere from 10,000-25,000 different applications (read more on that here). Here we are going to cover some of the benefits that make hemp fantastic as a fabric and wondering why you haven't been wearing hemp this whole time.


Hemp fibre is one of the most durable and most robust plant fibres used for textile production. Textiles made of hemp stretch less and keep their shape over the years while getting softer. The anti-microbial properties of hemp fibre cause reduced susceptibility to mould, which could cause damage. 


The anti-microbial properties of hemp are thanks to the secondary metabolites included in the hemp fibre. Studies showed that hemp fiber has anti-bacterial properties and mild to moderate anti-fungal properties, which brings a lot of benefits with it. 


Due to the anti-microbial properties of hemp fibres clothes made of hemp smell-less compared to many other garments. Most often bad odour originates from the excretion of microbes.


Hemp textiles are known for transporting moisture very well. This process is a beneficial property for fabrics used in clothing. It makes your garments more breathable and also helps keep your clothes smelling fresh.


Current publications investigated high UV-protection values for hemp and mixed hemp yarns. An explanation of those properties is the lignin in hemp fibres as well as natural pigments incorporated in the fibre. 


Another beneficial property of hemp fibre is the inclusions of small air bubbles inside the fibre. This makes hemp textile climate controlled by the relative temperature compensation. It will keep you warm during cold days and keep you fresh through summer. Silk has similar properties, although hemp is the plant-based version.