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We are two mates living in Cologne, Germany. Ben is originally from Melbourne, Australia and Markus is from Germany. While our backgrounds might differ, we both share a passion for hemp and sustainable living. 
When we aren’t working with hemp, we can be found travelling, attending festivals, playing in the snow, making music, playing Roundnet and football in the park or hanging out with friends.


We began this project initially as a group of 11 friends who wanted to try to raise awareness on hemp and help educate people through social media and speaking at events in Cologne, Germany.
The group spent over a year reading scientific papers, publishing hemp facts, experimenting with hemp ourselves and networking with hemp businesses and followers and went on to grow a nice Instagram following.


Being so impressed by hemp’s wide range of uses and sustainable capabilities, the two of us decided in November 2019 to not merely pursue this as a hobby but something that could be a full-time pursuit. Through our research we became more aware of the hugely negative impact the fashion industry was having on the environment. We knew that hemp was a far more sustainable fabric and had many benefits over cotton that would create a longer-lasting better garment. 
While restrictions on hemp are receding slowly, we still found it hard to find clothing that was good for the environment, affordable, and also looked great. Knowing this, we decided to create a hemp basics fashion brand. A brand that wouldn’t encourage you to buy a new piece each season, but instead would pride itself on garments that would be worn for many years, both due to their style and quality.
We welcome you to join our journey in promoting hemp’s wide range of uses and in doing so, create a healthier world for us to inhabit.
The Original Hemp Project Collective

The 'Original' Hemp Project Collective