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Reject Fast Fashion.

Treat yourself, and the planet. Wear Hemp.

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The fashion industry is having a devastating impact on three key parts of our lives:
1. Our environment - Through their pollution and waste.
2. Our physical health - Countless chemicals in the fabrics and dyes.

3. Our mental health - "I need more, more, more".

At the Hemp Project we reject that mentality. We are using a plant that is great for you and even better for the planet.

Simply put
“It’s a better T-Shirt”

Our hemp garments are more durable then conventional cotton. They have naturally antimicrobial properties which kill bacteria. It doesn't smell, trust us... we've tried! They are cooler than sliced bread, keeping you cool throughout the day and will protect you from harmful sun rays. Due to the unique insulating air-pockets in the fibre it will also keep you as warm at night as it does cool during the day.
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A sustainable garmet
starts with the plant

Growing Hemp is much better for the environment than conventional cotton and other popular fibres. Hemp requires much less water to grow. Hemp does not require harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides that often end up in our water ways. Hemp is also much more efficient regarding land usage as it grows much quicker and yields more. Lastly, hemp takes less micro-nutrients and improves the soil condition for future crops.
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